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Legal notice

The Swiss federal authorities have taken care to verify the accuracy of published information. However, no guarantees can be made as to the accuracy, current validity, reliability or completeness of its content.

The competent inspecting bodies may issue decisions that differ from published information. Where this occurs, the provisions applied to the individual case take precedence. Federal authorities cannot be held liable for real or consequential damage resulting from the access, use or failure to use published information, nor can they be held liable for real or consequential damage arising from technical problems or misuse of the connection.

The applicable provisions relating to minimum working and pay conditions are subject to change regularly. This website may not yet reflect their current status. You are therefore strongly urged to obtain the most recent information from the appropriate authorities prior to beginning work in Switzerland.

Federal authorities are not responsible for referrals or links to third-party websites. Such websites are used or accessed at the user's own risk. The federal authorities expressly declare that they have no influence on the design, content or offerings of linked websites. The information and services of linked websites are the sole responsibility of the third-party owner.